Do I Need A Wired or Wireless Remote for My Automation Project?

Is wireless the best option for your automation project?

If you’re considering an automation project, do you know whether you’ll need a wired or wireless remote? There are few considerations that may affect your decision.

What’s Your Function?

You can help determine whether you should get a wired of wireless remote by asking yourself what type of function your project will be providing you with.

Recreation or Leisure

If you are automating a television, sound system or something else that makes your leisure time more enjoyable, your best option will be wireless. A wireless remote will help improve your leisure experience, allowing you to control your automation from the comfort of your bed, chair or sofa.

Work Automation

Work should make you money; it shouldn’t cost you money. If your project will help you do your work more efficiently, a wireless remote may be the best way to go. If you have to remain some distance away from the work application for any reason, a wireless remote will prevent you from having to approach the project and walk away every time you need to start and stop.

Cost Solutions

If the cost of your project is top on your list of priorities, a wired remote will provide a cheaper solution. The difference between wired and wireless remotes can save you a good amount of money in the long run. Plus, you won’t have to put out cash for batteries every so often.

In the Kitchen

If you have an automated spice rack, microwave or anything other kitchen automation, you will benefit most from a wired remote. In the kitchen, where water and other liquids abound, the risk of dropping a wireless remote in the sink, dishwasher or anywhere else runs high. A switch affixed to the wall will prevent any accidents, and you’ll always know exactly where the switch is.

The decision to use a wired or wireless remote should depend on how you want to use your automation. There are both pros and cons for each method of control, so be sure you review all your options before making the decision.

If you are still unsure of which route to go, we are here to help you make that decision. Progressive Automations has engineers available to speak with. No matter what your questions are, we can help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your project a reality. We can be contacted through email or at 1.800.676.6123.

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