All throughout the year, in all parts of the world, transport trucks brave the elements for long periods. They must trudge through extreme conditions - sometimes for weeks at a time. This constant operation can be hard on the driver, but even harder on the truck. Actuators are used for many applications in truck automation to provide more comfort and better transport operation.

Automation for Comfort

A trucker’s life is tough, and linear actuators do what they can to ease the hard road. Automation on transport trucks often includes systems such as retractable side steps, mirror adjustment, hood lifts and many others.

In retractable side steps, actuators are used for motion control in the ascending and descending of the steps that lead to the ground from the doors. These systems are commonly used in transport trucks, but can be designed for use on any truck where the distance from the cab to the ground is significant.

The wheel of a truck needs constant attention. Anything that takes the attention off the wheel can pose a safety threat on the road, especially in less than ideal weather or environment conditions. Automated mirrors allow the driver to safely adjust the mirrors with the push of switch, keeping their hands on the wheel. Linear motors are commonly used to control the motion of the mirrors on either side of the truck.

Automation for Function

While some automations are built for comfort, some are built for function. Transport trucks use fifth wheel hitches, wind deflector adjustment, spare wheel locking and much more to give the truck better performance.

If you put a massive load on a truck without a fifth wheel system, it wouldn’t move very far. The fifth wheel allows for the truck to carry significantly higher loads than it would otherwise by distributing the weight to specific places. An automated fifth wheel hitch allows the load to be locked into place without having to manually manipulate the system. It can be connected to a wired device in the cab, providing a better solution for the driver.

Better Mileage

Aerodynamics on trucks directly affects the amount of money a driver will put into their truck. Gas is expensive in this day and age, and everything that helps lower that cost matters. Automated wind deflectors allow the driver to adjust angle of the deflectors, allowing maximum aerodynamics under any conditions the truck will encounter.

The wide world of transport trucks wouldn’t be the same without the use of actuators. Life and performance are both affected by implementing automation on transport trucks.

Do you have a transport you’d like to automate? Contact us to find out how you can improve the performance and comfort of your truck while you’re on those long trips out on the road.

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