Engineering Apps | The New Wi-Fi Actuator App

The next generation of engineering apps is the Wi-Fi Actuator App.




Control your actuators through a single device of your choice (up to 4).

IPhone and Android compatibility.*

Record your presets once and forget about them.

Stop paying for - and waiting for - expensive add-ons and accessories.

Combine multiple actuator control, time delay, recorded presets, momentary and non-momentary functions all in a single device.

*iPhone compatible app will be available August 2014.


Finally, after months of hard work, our brand-spankin’ new linear actuator control app is here. This thing is the cream of the crop in engineering apps. Before the app came out, the only way to get this kind of control over your actuators was to purchase a ton of components and add-ons. Now, instead of purchasing those accessories, you can just purchase the control box, download the app at no-charge and you’re set to move.

Download the app by visiting the Google Play Store.


•    Wi-Fi actuator control.
•    Time delay of up to 999 seconds.
•    Control over your actuators individually, simultaneously or in any other combination.
•    Momentary and non-momentary settings.
•    Actuator grouping and control.
•    Up to five spots for recorded presets for custom movements.
•    Compatible with Android and iPhone (available as of August 2014).

PA-35 Wi-Fi Control Box

Easy to install, snap on wiring connections.


The Wi-Fi Actuator App is partnered for use with our PA-35 Control Box. The control box has custom-designed connections that snap the wiring into place. Getting the box connected is breeze with the three light system. The first light indicates power, the second is to indicate an outgoing signal and the last tells you when you’re getting a Wi-Fi signal, making it easy to know what’s happening and easy to troubleshoot.

Everything you need. In the palm of your hand.


Intuitive Interface

We’ve set up the controls so it’s easy to use and easy to understand. After spending a few minutes on the initial setup, you can get right down to business. The best part of this is everything you need is in a single spot. Right on your phone, always by your side.

Presets and Playback

5 Presets. Endless Combinations.

Say you want to open a cabinet and have a TV pop out. Traditionally, this would require manually controlling the actuators with at least two different motions. One to open the cabinet doors and another to lift up the TV. This entire sequence can be achieved with the push of a single button now. Never has there been actuator control like this.

Multiple Actuator Control

Controlling your actuators has never been simpler. The Wi-Fi Actuator App lets you control one, two, three or four actuators in groups or separately. Do anything you like. Control two actuators together and another one separately. Control three actuators together and turn one off. Toggle control to momentary or non-momentary. Whatever you need, we’ve included it.

Time Delay

Over 16 minutes of time delay!

One of the biggest problems you might have with your actuators is timing. As they say, timing is everything. The app can time delay each actuator so they move exactly when you want them to. Set the delay for up to 999 seconds (16.65 minutes).

The Manufacturer’s Special

Need branding? Need custom functions?

For manufacturers who are using our actuators in their products, we offer special customizations. The app interface can be customized to reflect your company branding and offer some alternative features.

For custom functions and branding, contact us and speak with a representative.

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