How To Install Our Drop Down TV Lift

The contemporary home design has seen a massive face lift over the last couple of years with more being spared for the living room, kitchen and master bedroom to the expense of the lesser bedrooms.

Homes with more than four bedrooms tend to have a room which is technically a bedroom but hardly larger than a closet. These tiny rooms create design headaches as you have inadequate space to accommodate house furniture.

Therefore, a hidden TV lift system is a much sought out solution for creating a room which is comfortable and still functional for the occupant. It’s no secret that a television set can take up a lot of square feet.

The ceiling TV lift is one of the most popular systems which can be found in yachts, cruise ships, and home cinemas just to name a few. You can store your flat screen away when not in use and can have it drop down from the ceiling should you need it.

This will not only re-imagine your room layout but will make your living space area feel less suffocating. For a children’s room, it provides extra room for play while protecting the screen since kids can sometimes be difficult to control. An aura of elegance and exclusivity is felt with such an apparatus.


What Do You Need for a Drop Down TV Lift System

All the required electrical components are included with our drop down TV lifts including a control box, two remotes, a rocker switch and an external limit switch. The necessary hardware consists of a track linear actuator, a support column, two ceiling cover brackets, four TV mounting brackets, an actuator mounting bracket, two 30 inch TV support arms, two 36 inch TV support arms and a ceiling cover.

The required screws are all included as well. The first bag contains four hex bolts M8xM18, four M8 nut screws while bag number two has four M8 flash washers, four M5x12mm Phillips countersunk screws, (4) M5 nuts and (4) M5 flat washers necessary for ceiling cover bracket installation.

Moving forward to the third bag, the contents are four M8x12 hex bolts, four M8 nuts, and flash washers for the support arm whereas four M5 thumb and M8x12mm Phillips countersunk screws in the fourth bag are needed for mounting the TV bracket.

Two M10x25 hex fasteners, two M10 locking and (2) M10 flash washers will hold in place the central support column. The exterior support column is secured using four M6x25 hex bolts, four M6 locking and (4) M6 flat washers. These items can all be found in bag number five.

Last but not least, bag number six holds the actuator mounting bracket required being fastened using a clevis and cotter pins.


A Break Down of the Installation Procedure

To install the drop down TV lift you only need to do the following steps (or refer to our PDF):

  • Open bag P4 which contains four M8x12mm Phillips countersunk screws to secure the TV mounting brackets in place on the back of your flat screen. You SHOULD BE WEARY that the screws from the supplier may not fit on your TV set. Make sure you have the correct screws for mounting your television before starting your assembly. Fasten firmly using a screwdriver
  • Connect the TV support arms to the support column using four M8x12 bolts, nuts and washers contained in bag P3. Usage of the 30 or 36-inch TV support arm is entirely dependent on the width of the TV to be installed. Secure in place
  • Secure the ceiling cover to the ceiling cover brackets with four M5x12 screws, nuts, washers contained in bag P2
  • Take four M8x18 bolts, nuts and washers from bag P1 to fix in place the connected ceiling cover to the support cover and tighten firmly
  • Attach the top part of the track linear actuator to your installation using the contents from bag P6 which contain the actuator mounting bracket, clevis pin, and cotter pin. The bottom part is composed of a connecting bracket for attachment. Please note that you will be required to get wooden screws which are not issued by the supplier
  • You will need additional help for the next step. Using the four M6x25 bolts and washers for the smaller holes on the outer side and the two M10x25 bolts and washers for the central holes, place the support column to the track linear actuator. Attach all the bolts in place to ensure proper alignment prior to fastening
  • Your drop down TV lift is fixed and you can now connect your TV mounting brackets to the TV support arms with the help of four M8x13 screws and remember to fasten tightly.
  • Congratulations, you may not use your fully operational TV lift


How to Control the TV Lift Mechanism

You have to pay close attention when it comes to setting up your wireless remote controls. In order to set your wireless remote control in sync with your control box, push down and hold the reset button on the rear of the control box. While holding the reset button, hold down either the up or down switch once on the wireless remote. Release the reset button and your wireless remote is in operation.

Before starting the lift operation, check whether there is an obstacle in the path of the TV lift that may hinder its functioning. Immediately after the wireless remotes are set with the control box, it can be used for long operational periods. Hold down the up button once to propel the lift upwards and press the down button for it to descend.

What the external limit switch does is to stop the lift from moving. Set up the switch in a way that it will be pressed while the lift is going up and right before the ceiling cover makes contact with the ceiling. Keep in mind that this procedure is entirely optional and does not require setting up for the TV lift to function effectively.

As technology is advancing faster than it ever has, we need to make use of what is currently in the market so as not to become tech relics in the future. Getting yourself a motorized TV mount is an excellent addition to your home. If you have any questions about installing and setting up your TV lift or want to purchase one, get in touch with us today.

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