Lifting Systems for Better Performance

Lifting systems will improve your work life.

For those who have jobs that require repeated sitting, standing, lifting and bending over, lifting systems can extend the amount of time you spend at your career. If you are less exhausted by the middle of your shift, it means you will have more energy, see more clients, get more work done and create more capital.

Health and Happiness

Having physical well-being equals happiness. Studies have shown that those who are in good physical condition are more likely to be satisfied in work and in life. Constant bending and unnatural movement can be hard on the body. An automated table lift can help reduce that tension, making you more likely to go home satisfied at the end of the day.

The Table Lift Solution

You may be wondering if a table lift can help to improve your career. Massage therapists, doctors, veterinarians, individuals working with the disabled, tradespeople and a great deal of other professions stand to increase their work quality with a table lift.

Table lifts are ergonomic because they can be adjusted to the height your work requires. For the elderly or disabled, they are a workable solution that brings the workload to their level. For the disabled who require a lift, there may be tax credits available to help you with the costs associated with purchasing one.

A table lift puts you in complete control. They can be built with foot pedals, completely adjustable heights, and they can withstand large amounts of weight. A table lift can be made to provide solutions for almost any profession out there.

A Lifting System as an Investment

Think of a table lift as an investment. Some may believe that table lift is much too costly to invest in, but the reality is that if you can get ten more years of work by purchasing a table lift, you’ve spent money on a device that will show you a return on your investment. Many people are forced into retirement early or spend time on disability due to unnecessary back injuries, amounting to lost wages and lost life satisfaction.

Progressive Automations provides a range of table lifts that can improve your quality of life. Our website always has items that are in stock, so if you see it – we have it. We are available to discuss your needs and find a solution that works for you.

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