How To Connect an Actuator to a Control Box

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How to Connect An Actuator In a Few Quick and Easy Steps


Connecting a linear actuator to a control is a simple, easy process. Some of the actuators at Progressive have 4-pin connectors, so it’s simply a matter of plugging everything in and going on your way. But if you have an actuator that doesn’t have a 4-pin connector, you have to use a slightly different method. Still simple, but just a little different.

For the video, we’re using our PA-15 High Speed Linear Actuator and one of our control boxes. This is the process that you would use for our PA-20, PA-22 and PA-24 control boxes.

Let’s get started.


The PA-20, PA-22 and PA-24 Control Box models each come with a 4-pin connector. Most of our actuators do not come with a 4-pin connector (the PA-02 and PA-19 have 4-pin connectors). If yours does not have a connector, you’ll need to purchase an additional connector. These are available in 6-foot and 2-foot lengths. If you have a 4-pin connector, you can move on to the next step.



wire stripping

If you have an actuator that is not the PA-02 or PA-19, you should have an actuator with exposed wires at the end. If you need more room for connect your 4-pin connector, strip back the wiring until you have enough. Do the same for the 4-pin if there isn’t quite enough.


connecting the wires

Now you should be able to install your linear actuators to the 4-pin connector. Twist the connections together and use some electrical tape to cover up the wiring. Some actuators may have red wiring and others will have brown, so if you’re unsure which wire goes to which, use the chart below.


Brown, Blue Brown, Blue Brown → Brown, Blue → Blue
Red, Black Brown, Blue Red → Brown, Black &#8594 Blue
Red, Blue Brown, Blue Red → Brown, Blue &#8594 Blue
Red, Yellow Brown, Blue Red → Brown, Yellow &#8594 Blue



You’re all set. All that’s left to do is plug in your 4-pin connector, plug in your control box to the power supply and test it out.

plug it in
plug in the control box


  • Not getting power to your actuator? These are a few troubleshooting steps to help you find the problem.
  • Is everything plugged in?
  • Double check the wiring to ensure everything is connected properly and to the right spot.
  • Use a different outlet or power supply if you have one. This will let you know if your control box or your wall outlet is
  • Use a different actuator if you have one. This will tell you if it’s actuator that’s faulty.

If you have any questions about how to connect an actuator to a control box, get in contact with us. We're here to help.

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