How to Connect a Rocker Switch to a Linear Actuator

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Check out our step-by-step guide on connecting a rocker switch to a linear actuator.



Connecting a rocker switch to a linear actuator is a quick and easy process. We’ve compiled a video guide as well as a written guide to take you through the process.



Before you get too deep in, consult the wiring diagram. This diagram shows you exactly how everything needs to be wired up.

rocker switch wiring diagram


There’s a few things you’re going to need for this project. We’ve listed them below and linked to where you can find them.

rocker switch parts

You can find all of these components by clicking on the links provided. For the power source, you can switch it out for a control box easily. Follow the same instructions with a control box in the mix.

2. Connect Your Actuator to Your Molex

Strip your actuator wires and then crimp on your Molex connectors. In this example, we’ve used two different colors for positive and negative just to keep things easy to see. Then you can plug your connectors to the rocker switch. They will attach to the two middle terminals.

rocker switch actuator wiring

Keep in mind that depending on which way you plug them in, the buttons may be different. If you don’t like the button arrangement, you can flip the connectors around to flip the button function.

3. Cut Some Lengths of Wire

You’ll need two lengths of wire. One negative and one positive. There are four in the photo, but you won’t need that many. Make them long enough that they can connect to your power source and your rocker switch. Strip your wires and place a Molex connector on one end of the wires.

In the corner you’ll see the photo of the in-line fuse connectors. Cut them down the middle of the wire and strip them to expose the wire.

cutting wires

4.Connecting the In-Line Fuse Connector

Your in-line fuse connector is used to protect the actuator. If your actuator movement gets obstructed, the in-line fuse will stop your actuator from moving and burning out the motor. You’ll need to rig two of these together, each exposed wire (there’s three of them) with a Molex connector on the end.

One end of the Molex connector has a second wire connected to it. The black wire you see will be used to connect to the battery.

fuse connector

5. Connecting the Protector to the Rocker Switch

Looking back at the wiring diagram, you can see how it’s all wired up. Your actuator is connected in the middle, and then your double wired connector goes to T3. The in-line fuse goes to T4 which is diagonal to T3.

Do the same thing but on the opposite side for your second in-line fuse connector. Put the double wired connector on T6 with the other end of the in-line to the T1 terminal. Now you can connect your remaining wires to the terminal.

connecting the rocker switch

6. Connecting the Battery

Now you should have only two wires left unconnected. Connect your red to the positive terminal and your black to the negative terminal. Your actuator should move back and forth when you press the button.


rocker switch battery connection

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