Precision and Why It Matters

Actuator precision isn't just a start and stop point. Precision affects your costs and your safety, too.

Actuators with precision over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. In the past, hydraulic and pneumatic systems were as precise as the industry could get. Now that electric technology is becoming the standard for high-precision operations and automation applications, industries are increasing their productivity, safety and their capital.

High-Precision Means Time and Money

In any high-volume industry, every time an error is made, whether it be due to human or computer, it costs the company money to fix the error. They are losing money during their production line downtime and losing money replacing any parts that need to be fixed. An electric system can minimize the downtime and wasted capital.

An actuator can perform the same motion again and again without any variation. What this amounts to are minimal errors and minimal downtime. A high-precision device allows less room for error. If a weld is even a centimeter off, it can miss the joint and have to be done again - either manually, or by taking it off its current line position and moving it back.

High-Precision Means Safety

If you have an actuator that controls valves or ventilation systems, you don't want one that will perform accurately 90% of the time. You need one that performs all the time. Electric systems help keep safety systems running at optimal levels, because they do the job they are supposed to do. This means a safer environment for your employees and your operation.

Who Benefits?

There are a number of industries that rely on high-precision electric linear motors. Industries that use machine tools, ventilation equipment, textiles, electronics, wood working, packaging - and that's not even half of the list of industries.

Some industries are still relying on hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators just don't have the high levels of precision that an electric device has, and that means if you are still using them, you may be losing out on productivity, safety and capital.

If you're thinking of making the switch, our company offers a wide range of products, control systems and accessories that will fit your operation, hobby or project. Plus, we understand that you may need a unique actuator, and that's why we customize ours. Just let us know what your specs are, and we'll do our best to product a motion device for you that works.

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