Full Guide on TV Lifts: Types, Usage, How It Works

A TV/home entertainment display has become an integral part of a living room or parlor. However, it does not mean that this device cannot be installed in other rooms. In fact, the role of digital screens in our life is rather significant since people prefer to obtain information in visual form nowadays. So regardless of the content you choose, it can be better to watch it on a large screen.

At the same time, this state-of-the-art technological solution is not always a fit to a rooms interior design. Would you agree that a new LCD or LED looks out of the picture if placed in a room with vintage cabinetry? Other design styles may also reject a TV due to its incompatibility to an overall environment. In such cases, it is absurd to remove a display from a room and take it back when you need to watch the news or movies. In cases like that many people wish there were a possibility to hide TV on occasion. Sometimes our dreams come true.

The solution is called a lift mechanism for TV. You might have seen television displays sliding up or down in various movies or series. Such a mechanism is a great way to combine high-tech innovation with an old-time atmosphere of a room. If you thought that this innovation was only available for some extraordinary people, we would like to share some ways you can have such a mechanism at your place.


You enter a room with no displays on the walls or anywhere else. A simple click on a remote control induces a smart mechanism called a lifting actuator and a display appears as if out of nowhere. Such a situation may seem a bit fantastic it is very real. Nowadays, anyone can implement a TV lift system for their own needs.

In fact, the structure of the TV lift mechanism is rather simple. Major components include a metal frame for a display, a linear actuator, and a switch to regulate the actuator. However the template of the mechanism may be different in accordance with the very idea of implementation. At the same time, the main working principle remains the same – a display is moved by a motor-driven system.

Another important element of a TV lift mechanism is where the display is hidden. As a rule, the simplest and most common way is to place a screen behind a piece of furniture. However, your TV lift may pop up from a cabinet or chest of drawers, and even go down from a ceiling. Various types of TV lift systems are described in the following section.


As it was mentioned above, the implementation of your moving display offers several options including a drop-down screen on the ceiling and a pop-up screen on the floor. Everything depends on your imagination and desire. However, we will review each type of electric TV lift mechanism for you to know pros and cons of each option.

Motorized TV Lifts (Pop Up TV Lifts)


This type of hidden TV lift is the most popular and widespread solution of the system. It does not require serious technical operational know-how to make a ready-to-use system within a couple of hours. In fact, nowadays you can encounter many units like our Progressive Automations TV lift, which require only some basic building of the unit and plugging it in.

This pop up lift system has numerous benefits that have made it a rather sought-after implementation. First of all, it is simple and free of serious engineering twists and turns. You may fix a pop up TV lift mechanism behind a cabinet or another piece of furniture and enjoy the result. However, even a simple unit like this may cause concerns if you choose a more complicated way to use it. For example, some users opt for hiding a display inside a cabinet or desk. In this case, it is not enough to just purchase a motorized TV lift because the additional preparation of certain furniture is required. The main complexity relates to making openings for your screen, a niche to hide it, and a top piece to close it.

Recently, installing pop up monitor lift inside a cabinet became a popular solution despite the structural complexity. A screen is placed in a rather protected area and is not exposed to some external effects. The cabinet  can act as a protective case from dust and other possible environmental factors. This type of pop up TV lift is one of the most reliable structures.

Drop Down TV Lifts aka Ceiling TV Lifts


Unlike the previous option, drop down TV lifts do not raise your screen, they lower it. The solution is not quite as popular due to a more complicated technical approach. Indeed, to install this type of structure, you need to possess a large amount of free space above your chosen area, usually in a ceiling or in the attic. Besides, even if you can fulfill this requirement, you may not feel confidant installing a TV drop down lift by yourself. This system requires making an opening on the ceiling, preparing a case for a display, attaching a TV stand with lift mechanismetc. All these operations must be done with high accuracy to avoid any possible adverse effects associated with the fall of a ceiling drop down TV lift.


Nevertheless, we cannot deny that the idea to enjoy your television after it drops down from the sky is a popular option. If you are interested and would like to see some examples, type “ceiling TV lift” on YouTube and watch the implemented ideas of various enthusiasts. Some of them are really impressive and look almost unbelievable. You can also see some footage of our own drop down tv lift in action here.

Another variation of ceiling TV lift systems that is worth mentioning is called a flip-down lift. Unlike the traditional ceiling type, this mechanism does not require a space on the upper floor. A screen swings down from a niche in the ceiling. This structure is also not that simple in terms of preparation and requires a no less powerful actuator for TV lift than other previously mentioned options. However, the solution is quite popular for implementation on yachts, boats and recreational vehicles.  


Having read the text above you might think be thinking about what type of technical experience you need to accomplish such complicated engineering ideas for a regular digital screen. A TV cabinet lift mechanism is a simple option to add some zest to your room but the other maneuvers may seem complicated. However, it is only a part of the truth.

Adding such mechanisms or systems to a daily routine is a step to optimization and diversification of various actions. Besides, having a motorized TV lift cabinet can even be considered as somewhat of a status symbol in certain communities. Progress is an inevitable movement that brings improvements in any area, even if it is a subtle one.

Do not think that the usage of automated TV stand is limited to a living room. Everything comes from your ideas and endeavors to make your life better and more convenient. It is especially prevalent in living premises where a lot of space remains unused. Even the space under your sleeping place can be used for the benefit if you install a foot of bed hidden TV. Now, you will see your display only when you need it by simply clicking a button on a remote control.

The idea of TV lift cabinets or other tv lift furniture has a double effect. If you are a pragmatic person, you will appreciate its practical effect with the protection of your device. Creative thinkers will be enthusiastic over the possibility to join a piece of a high-tech idea to a compatible interior design. Currently, this innovation is conquering the world adding hundreds of people who say “yes” to a new TV lift.

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