Full Guide on Table Lifts: Types, Usage, How it Works

Various machines, mechanisms, lathes, tools and miscellaneous equipment have become an integral part of numerous industrial applications. They provide both economic and production efficiency regardless of the final purposes of manufacture. A special category of equipment called table lifts will be reviewed in the this article.

Table lifts are designed to perform lifting operations in various fields including furniture manufacturing, heavy machinery, woodworking, warehousing, printing, as well as household needs. Although a table lift system can be represented by different structural approaches like pneumatic, hydraulic and others, a product line of models driven by electric actuators like ours will be introduced in the article.

The following lift tables are designed for household and industrial applications to lift heavy loads. Each lifting system enables you to automate a desired application. A user will be able to perform the required functions by simply pressing the buttons on a remote control.

Depending on customer’s needs, the product range includes both three step and two step models. The operation of certain electric table lift mechanisms can be automated to memorized positions due to memory function. The lowest lifting capacity in the presented product line is 175lbs while the highest one is 880lbs. Stroke size is another essential value of any our products. Two models have 16'' stroke size, four models have 25.5'', and the values of 32'' and 18.1'' are introduced by one model each.

Table Lifts: Our Classification

The general descriptions above are not sufficient for a truly engaged customer. For this reason, let’s review each set of table lifts and lifting column mechanisms in details and reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

Table Lift Set with Top

We begin with the only electric table lift model we have that includes a table top. The structure of FLT-01 consists of a lifting column, base column, foot and a tabletop. Lifting capacity of the model is 175lbs (79kg). Stroke size is one of a kind among other models and amounts to 18.1''. The speed of either raising or lowering the column is 0.80 inches per second. The set has a wired remote control switch.

Lifting Column Set - Single (1 lifting column)

The FLT-03-2-1 is a two step lift up table mechanism. Due to considerable lifting capacity (440lbs), the model is applied usually for purposes related to heavy items. It has the lowest stroke (16'') and the lowest travel speed (0.50 inches per second). The set consists of a control box, remote control, and a lifting column.

Lifting Column Set - Dual - 2 Step

The main difference of FLT-03-2-2 from the previous model 03-2-1 is its two lifting columns. This causes the double increase of lifting capacity resulting in 880lbs. Other essential parameters like travel speed and stroke remain unchanged. Besides the remote control used for this model is more advanced providing the memorization of preset positions. Powerful characteristics of the model make it popular for applying as an electric height adjustable desk.


Lifting Column Set - Dual - 3 Step

The FLT-07 is a lift up table that differs from the previous set with its three step option and larger stroke. The model offers the largest stroke size in the line at 32''. All other functions and parameters are similar to FLT-03-2-2 including the advanced remote control. The set content is also unchanged – two lifting columns, remote and control box.

Lifting Column Set - Dual - Square Shape

If your application has small installation requirements, the FLT-06 model is the proper solution for your needs. The set has a decreased lifting capacity 350lbs, as well as a smaller stroke at 25.5". At the same time, the travel speed is almost three times higher – 1.40" per second. Other parameters including a three step function and the  advanced remote control capabilities are the same as the FLT-07. Nevertheless, this pop up table mechanism is suitable for various household and furniture applications as well.

Table Lift Set - 2 Legs

The FLT-02 model represents two legs connected by a crossbar. Each leg can lift up to 90lbs with a travel speed of 1.30" per second. A stroke length of 25.5'' results in 49'' being the fully-extended size of the structure. Although it does not include a table top like all our table lifts (except the FLT-01), you can turn this mechanism into an electric adjustable desk by applying a customized table top of your choice as long as it is no less than 43'' x 24''. This three step model is also fitted with interactive remote control to memorize four desired positions of the table lift.


Table Lift Set - 3 Legs

The FLT-05 has the features the above-mentioned two-leg model plus the an additional third leg. This three-leg structure is a full-fledged lift table with improved major parameters. The overall force of the set is 330lbs meaning that each leg lifts 100lbs. In addition, the travel speed is increased up to 1.50 inches per second. Stroke and programmable functions are the same as the FLT-02.

Table Lift Set - 4 Legs

Another model in our product line is called the FLT-08 and features a ready-made set to make an adjustable height desk. This four-leg structure has three steps with a total force of 220 lbs per section. Each leg raises or lowers with the speed of 1.50 inches per second within a 25.5'' stroke. It offers a high lifting capacity in combination with the increased stability of structure due to four legs.


Usage of Table Lifts: Projects That Could Be Realized with Table Lifts Mechanisms

The described table lifting products are not the perfect solution for heavy industries where hydraulic driven mechanisms are applied to lift enormous weights. However, each model by Progressive Automations enjoys popularity in medium or small size businesses without mentioning the household applications. Let’s have a look at some examples.


This field of furniture manufacture will definitely benefit from using lifting mechanisms. Various joiner’s or woodworking operations may require the change of height of a certain item. This function will be properly realized by any of our above mentioned models.

Massage Room

Many massage therapists are enthusiastic over a massage table that is able to lift for their job. A tall specialist has to bend too much if a massage table is too low and vice versa. Applying a lifting mechanism to these particular needs will eliminate such an issue.

Hidden Door

All of us like adventures and stories associated with treasures and hidden doors. Using the mentioned mechanisms, you can implement your own ideas and create a secret storage space underneath. Another option is the automation of the door or hatchway to the cellar of your house.

Other ways to install table lifts mechanisms depend on the ideas and imagination of users and are not limited to the above-mentioned ones.

Progressive Automations offers qualitative and durable table lifts for a wide range of applications. Any customer’s need to lower or raise a weight can be met. Control of height of a working surface or a desk opens opportunities for multiple application in different fields and industries. All you need it to find the appropriate merchandise to satisfy your requirements.

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