Engineering Statistics That’ll Blow Your Mind

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Engineering itself can blow your mind with the amazing feats that some people accomplish.  I mean really mind-blowing feats. Some people build useful things, like the world’s largest bridges – like in this post here. Other’s build less “useful??? things like these motorized ducks. I have no idea what they could be used for, but heck, I want one.

To go along with all of these mind blowing feats, we’ve compiled a few mind-blowing statistics. Enjoy.

1. Only 11.7% of Engineers are Women

You may think that because we celebrate women in the engineering field that we must be making great leaps and strides forward. Well, it’s sort of more like baby steps. The unfortunate truth is that only 11.7% of engineers are women. While it’s an increase from the 10.4% in 2003, it also took 7 years to raise 1.3%.

To put it in a bit of perspective, 1 out of every 10 engineers on average is female. If you had an office of ten people, only one of them would be a female on average.

Let’s get ourselves some more women engineers. A diverse workplace is somewhere that real ideas flourish. It’s no secret that women think differently than men, and we all need that brain power in order to look at the same project from every different angle.

Out of every profession listed on the statistics data sheet, Engineer has the lowest percentage of women with the next lowest
being 17.1% for ‘Engineering and Related Technologist of Technician.’

2.    Only 8% of students around America are taking Engineering at the Graduate level.

Does that seem staggering? Not only that, but only 5% of students are enrolled at the undergraduate level. It might not seem like a big deal, but a quick jaunt around the interwebs, and you’ll notice that manufacturing publications, technology publications, data publications, automation publications, publication publications and all sorts of publications are crying out for engineers!

It’s like the earth has an engineer crisis! What happened to all those kids that built forts and cardboard robots as a kid?!
I’ll tell where they are. They’re off and enrolled in business (17.2%), education, (21.7%) and health (19%).

But why?

Looking at education, it can’t be the pay. Some engineers can make more than astronauts if they’re lucky, and they’re subject to a fraction of the risk of flying meteors.

Is it that engineering seems boring? Admittedly, engineers don’t get as many groupies as rock stars do, but you’ll be able to afford a fantastic life insurance policy and retirement savings plan. That’s just as enticing, isn’t it? Trust me. All those groupies you don’t have will thank you later.

3. Up to 40% of Engineering Students Switch Their Majors or Drop Out

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Oh. That’s why no one wants to be an engineer. It’s hard. If you’re an engineer, you know this. You really, really know this.  Still, a dropout rate of getting close to half is incredible.

Engineers should have a hard go of it. After all, they are building systems that people rely on every single day for life, work and play. However, if all the young engineers are getting crushed under the weight of books and school deadlines, we’ll eventually end up with some sort of crisis where we won’t have enough engineers to fill jobs – oh. Right.

5. 75% of All Engineers Join Gangs to Defend Their Field from Encroachers

As a result of the great fall of those in the engineering field, most have taken the streets in a feud that often results in ‘West Side Story’ type violence, but with a lot more bridges getting built by the end of it.

Okay. That last statistic has been completely fabricated. But it was fun while it lasted.

Thanks all you wonderful engineers. Nothing I do would work without you.

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