Cheap Linear Actuator | How to Find an Inexpensive Linear Actuator

by Ajay Arora: Product Engineer for ActuatorZone.

Looking for a cheap linear actuator? Don't sacrifice quality for price.

cheap linear actuators

Actuators aren't a spur-of-the-moment investment. It takes time and effort to find a cheap linear actuator(low priced) and still get the quality you'd expect from a manufacturer. There's no reason you can't have both. Here's a few ways you can find a high-quality, inexpensive linear actuator.


1. Look for Discounted, Returned products.

Many times, customers will return products for various reasons. Not all of them mean that the product was defective. If it turns out they no longer need the product, they may return it. Sometimes customers will order a custom made product and not claim it.

When these products are returned or never claimed, the store must do something to recoup the price of the sale. This usually means that they are willing to let these items for less than the regular price. Some businesses will have these low-priced actuators in a section on their website, or you may have to ask for them.

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 2. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to get anything cheaper. The more you're willing to spend, the greater the discount will become. Some companies are willing to compromise with you if you tell them what your requirements are and ask what kind of discount you might get.

If you're a company looking for cheap actuators, you can purchase all your actuators at once and reap the rewards.

You'll probably have to ask the company what kinds of discounts they can offer for the amount of actuators you want. Some companies require orders of over 10 and some might give you a discount if you order less.

3. Look for Student Discounts.

College and university students are eligible for a ton of discounts. Manufacturers (especially those involved in engineering) may be willing to provide students with discounts, especially if they are using the actuators for a school project.


 4. Sign up for Newsletters

 Signing up for newsletters may score you some deals that you wouldn't otherwise be offered. Newsletters often provide their subscribers with subscriber-only discounts as an added incentive. You could be offered an incentive for signing up to the newsletter, but you may also find offers for other discounts as time goes on.

5. Watch for Sales.

 Keep an eye on your favorite manufacturers throughout the year. At various times during the year they may be offering discounts. The best way to keep an eye on them is to put them in a favorite's folder so you can easily keep track.

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6. Submitting Your Videos

Progressive Automations offers discounts for those who submit their projects. If you submit a project, you can be eligible to recieve up to 100% of your purchase price. The criteria for submitting projects can be found here.

The price you see may not always be the price you get, but you'll never know if you can get a cheaper linear actuator unless you search and ask. There's always someone out there who's willing to strike a deal.

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