Want to trick out your car or truck with some smoothly moving, slick looking trunk or truckbed topper automation? It's easy to do with ActuatorZone, and reasonably priced besides! Both hobbyists and show car professionals love the ease of installation and quality actuator motion they get from our products.

Products Required:

  • 2 x Mini Actuators (PA-14 model)
  • Stroke: Depending on the application (car or truck), how much lift you want (pop the trunk? Or raise the roof?), and where the actuator is mounted you can use anywhere from a 1 Inch Stroke Actuator up to a 24 Inch Stroke Actuator for this project.
  • Force: The linear actuators should probably be at least 150 pounds force for larger applications like truck toppers, canopies, and stereo amplifier units. Low weight applications like a simple trunk/hood lifter can use the faster, 50 pound force linear actuators.
  • 1 x Wireless 12V DC Remote Control Kit (AC-10)
  • 4 x Mounting Brackets (BRK-14 model)

Approximate Cost:

  • $350

Assembly Time:

  • About 3 hours

While you can build an automotive lifter with the parts listed above, make sure that you have the right actuators for the job you've chosen. For example for a smaller car our mini actuators might work better. If you're not sure don't hesitate to Contact Us! We'd be happy to answer your questions.

Still not convinced? Well check out this video of an ActuatorZone truckbed cover lifter in action:

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