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  • Smart Ideas for Garden Automation with Linear Actuators

    Garden automation systems are needed for those who dream about having their own garden but cannot take care of it. Garden automation systems with linear actuators will maintain your garden with the minimum of your participation. Indoor Gardens A garden is a special place in every house. While not everybody... READ ARTICLE »
  • Service Robots for Education, Therapy, & Entertainment

    In recent years, high-tech surgical rooms have been getting insightful medical robots, advanced educational institutions have been replacing human teachers with all-knowing AI-based systems, and conceptual restaurants have adopted robots as servers instead of humans. The list of such innovative integrations may go on and on. But we can say... READ ARTICLE »
  • Modern Pergola Designs with Actuators

    A garden pergola is an extension or canopy densely overgrown with climbing plants, designed to protect a terrace or passage from the burning sun rays. The lights and shadows create a special atmosphere of comfort inside the pergola. Pergolas have evolved over time. A modern pergola is a product of... READ ARTICLE »
  • Cobots: Who They are and What They Do?

    Nowadays, robots have exited the league of extraordinary things in our lives. Whether it be an industrial machine or a walking dog, most people have already given in to the idea of automatized units entering the day-to-day life to make it better. After the manufacturing automatization in the 20th century... READ ARTICLE »
  • Cutting Equipment Actuator

    The world of today is quickly turning into a highly automated one. Our homes abound in devices streamlining our cooking efforts in the kitchen and adding chic and practicality to our bedrooms and dens. Outside the house, the import of automation is even greater. Robots and machines spare humans as... READ ARTICLE »
  • Window Automation In Smart Homes

    In the era of information technology, one of the many things that made their way from sci-fi novels into everyday life is the Internet of Things. Among other things, it means whole-home automation in all its multiple, versatile forms, from Roombas and smart toasters to pet fitness collars. A smart... READ ARTICLE »
  • Single Acting Vs Double Acting Actuator

    Double-acting actuator and single-acting actuator: principles of work, differences, application fields. Spring return actuator as a kind of single-acting actuator. Single Acting vs. Double Acting Actuators: Working Principles, Differences and Application Fields What Is Pneumatics and How does It Work In pneumatic systems, the air is used to produce linear... READ ARTICLE »
  • Application of Mini Track Linear Actuator

    Humans are lazy and that is why most scientific and technological inventions are aimed at sparing them as much effort as possible. It is especially noticeable in the fields which are traditionally abounded in manual labor. As a result, industrial automated mechanisms are increasingly replacing people in environments where continuous... READ ARTICLE »
  • End of Bed TV Lift Cabinets

    What association comes first to your mind when you hear the word “automation”? If it is a huge factory where robotic arms tirelessly perform repetitive tasks then you are way behind the world. Today, automation has crossed the threshold of our homes to make them more comfortable places to live... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Build an Adjustable Gaming Desk  

    Video games have become a large part of modern culture. Starting in the early 1980s, they have now evolved well past being just a hobby. On average, young people throughout the world spend 6-7 hours per week playing video games. Yet it is not only a pastime as professional gaming... READ ARTICLE »

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