Actuator Control Systems


Our control systems are powerful, reliable, quality components designed for our linear actuators. Whether you need a control box for our mini-tube or heavy duty models, our wide selection has something for every project. Some of our power control boxes convert AC to DC power, enabling the use of a home outlet, and others match the input (DC) with the output (DC). Every actuator control system we have comes with a wired or wireless remote depending on the model that you choose. We have systems that allow for simultaneous and non-simultaneous control of one or multiple actuators, speed controlled boxes, and wired and wireless boxes. Some control boxes come with a 4-pin connector, making the wiring setup as simple as plugging it in while other control boxes can be easily wired up to our actuators.

We offer a selection of custom options for our control boxes. If you require a control box with a Euro-plug (220 AC), a voltage of 24VDC or the ability to control 10 actuators simultaneously, we can manufacture a solution for you. A custom control system takes 10-20 business days to manufacture and ship. If you require a customized control system, contact us and we can discuss your project needs. Like all our products we send out each control system comes with a 18-month warranty. If you’d like to learn more about our warranty coverage, please visit our Terms of Use section.

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